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25 Cents to paradise. Chapter First Online: 08 February 2020 Abstract In Part IV I move from the telephonic capacities of SIM cards to the multi-media functions of MicroSD cards and the unparalleled access to information that they enable, contextualized in family experience, and a simultaneous reorganization of social space. With few exceptions, Gwouulu villagers are avid movie watchers. However, this passion has long been curtailed by an authoritatively controlled and community-centric communicative ecology that only allowed for watching movies in a so-called muvi haos, a kind of local, ad hoc cinema. With the arrival of smartphones and MicroSD cards, the broader dynamics of privacy in the community-oriented spatial organization of the village and the architectural design of individual houses has shifted, providing the backdrop against which I examine the explosion of digital multimedia consumption. References Bainton, Nicholas. 2009. Keeping the Network Out of View: Mining, Distinctions and Exclusion in Melanesia. Oceania 79 (1) 18–33. CrossRef Google Scholar Brimacombe, Tait. 2017. Pacific Policy Pathways: Young Women Online and Offline. In Transformations of Gender in Melanesia, ed. Martha Macintyre and Ceridwen Spark, 141–162. Canberra: ANU Press. CrossRef Google Scholar Cosmatos, George P., dir. 1985. Rambo: First Blood Part II. Los Angeles: Carolco Pictures. Google Scholar Donlon, Jocelyn Hazelwood. 2001. Swinging in Place: Porch Life in Southern Culture. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. Google Scholar Greenwood, K., and M. Clarke. 2016. In Good Faith: Benefits and Challenges of a Secular NGO Working with Melanesian Communities of Faith. In Development Across Faith Boundaries, ed. Anthony Ware and Matthew Clark, 142–153. New York: Routledge. Google Scholar Hobbis, Geoffrey. The Shifting Moralities of Mobile Phones in Lau Communicative Ecologies. Oceania 87 (2) 173–187. CrossRef Google Scholar ———. 2018. Cowboys and Aliens: Body Techniques and Audience Reception in Malaita, Solomon Islands. Visual Anthropology 31 (3) 292–306. CrossRef Google Scholar Hogbin, Herbert Ian. 1939. Experiments in Civilization: The Effects of European Culture on a Native Community of the Solomon Islands. London: Routledge & Sons. Google Scholar Jourdan, Christine. 1997 [1995. Stepping-Stones to National Consciousness: The Solomon Islands Case. In Nation Making: Emergent Identities in Postcolonial Melanesia, ed. Robert J. Foster, 127–50. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press. Google Scholar ———. 2002. Pijin: A Trilingual Cultural Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, the Australian National University. Google Scholar Kleiser, Randal, dir. 1978. Grease. London: RSO Records. Google Scholar Kotcheff, Ted, dir. 1982. First Blood. Google Scholar Maranda, Pierre. 2010. Ces Lau que jai tant aimés: un Québécois dans des îles artificielles du Pacifique Sud: îles Salomon, début du XXIe siècle. Québec: Nouvelle Optique. Google Scholar Ross, Harold M. 1973. Baegu: Social and Ecological Organization in Malaita, Solomon Islands. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. Google Scholar Smyth, Rosaleen. The Genesis of Public Relations in British Colonial Practice. Public Relations Review 27 (2) 149–161. CrossRef Google Scholar Soukup, Martin. 2011. A Visualization and Representation of the Culture in Yawan, Papua New Guinea: Drawings in the Context of a Visual Anthropology. Anthropologia Integra 2 (2) 41–51. CrossRef Google Scholar Spielberg, Steven, dir. 1989. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. San Fransisco: Lucasfilm. Google Scholar Stein, Eric A. 2006. Colonial Theatres of Proof: Representation and Laughter in 1930s Rockefeller Foundation Hygiene Cinema in Java. Health and History 8 (2) 14–44. CrossRef Google Scholar White, Geoffrey. 1991. Identity Through History: Living Stories in a Solomon Islands Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. CrossRef Google Scholar Woodhead, Leslie, dir. 1987. The Lau of Malaita. Manchester: ITV Granada. Google Scholar Copyright information Authors and Affiliations Geoffrey Hobbis 1 Email author 1. Centre for Media and Journalism Studies University of Groningen Groningen The Netherlands.

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