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Published on February 10, 2020, 12:44 am — Game-Show





A Dança do pendules à l'heure. R.I.P Giant Koosh Ball. This is good. I can get infinite Hydroelectricity from making one. 😄😘♥️♠️🔥. REally nice moves. That is awesome enough for me to spend 10 more minute to looks for the how it's done and how it's done isn't as cool as what I saw it cheapens it. So if you want to stay amazed don't look for the answer. Can Science tell me why you still had eMac's.

Voodoo people is actually The prodigy

A Dança do pendulum. Coolest thing I've seen in a while. That is badass! I am going to build one! Thanks for including the details about the pendulums' periods, I appreciate that.



A Dança do pendule nsvoici. Since this guy found a way to make infinite hydro-energy, when are we gonna cure cancer. ♐️♑️♉️💟♏️. None of that seemed random to me. all beautiful mathematical patterns. The cake is a lie. A Dança do pendulaire. 6:46 9:20 11:31 14:28 17:03 20:10 24:50 27:50 37:03 41:52 46:25 49:15 52:09 54:43 57:17 59:47 1:01:41. Does this wave continue or it vanish. I said i was sorry! haha, classic steve. Ohh hell yeah. 0:39 he was having to much fun with that ball.

A Dança do pendule.
A Dança do pendules.

This is awesome. You can use the same principle to produce another cool optical illusion with LEDs set up in a single row. Just modulate the brightness of the LEDs (just like the amplitude of the pendulum) and put a semi-transparent acrylic panel over the strip of LEDs to diffuse the light a little bit. Ends up looking like a lava lamp but also can be timed to happen in a cycle. The math behind this is super simple AND fun! A really great way to learn about trigonometry. It would be cool if you guys would include the simplified mathematical formula to calculate the period of each individual pendulum with regard to string length. I'm not exactly sure what the math is in this situation (I'm not a math person really) but I think it's close to the below equation. And I'm talking about how to describe the oscillation of each individual pendulum. Then to get them to do cool synchronized patterns like the video you just have to adjust the ratio of the lengths of string. Sin(2pi. time / rate) where the rate is controlled by the length of the string.

I've seen the painting of that. Oh it's so cute :D. A Dança do péndulo.