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Published on February 21, 2020, 3:24 am — Documentary






If there is one contemporary swedish movie you should go see, I reckon this to be it. Claes Douglas(just that name is almost enough for me to put the movie on my top ten list) is a man who enjoys the more bizarre pleasures in life. Luckily, for us, he involves his surroundings in pursuing them. I urge you to find out the rest for yourself.


An odd movie is to say the least, but it has become known in Sweden for other reasons. This was the debut, the very breakthrough for the actor Jan Erik Björkqvist. After playing the retarded Musse in Grötbögen, he got his own fan site on the web. Everywhere he went he was treated like a hero, like a true superstar. Sadly, after the success with Grötbögen in 1997, he decided to retire as an actor the following year. After that no one has seen or heard from him. In Sweden you compare it to mysteries surrounding Elvis life and death, only Jan Erik has never been said to have died. The most fanatic fans are still searching for the legend as this is written. Some believe he has gone to Africa to make a career as a chief in some secret tribe deep in the jungle where no one will ever find him.
His brief appearance in Grötbögen made him one of the greatest mysteries ever in Sweden.


I totally missed this masterpiece 1997 when it was done. After been watching it yesterday I was totally wild, it´s the most odd and fantastic short movie (1 h) I´ve ever seen. Every line is so mad and I can´t help myself loving it.
I will go and buy a triss now.Columnist: John Wilmot
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