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Published on February 24, 2020, 5:13 am — Adventure

8.5/ 10stars

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Going nomad. Going nomade. Soa going nomad. A quirky, funny but heartfelt film, Going Nomad" stars Damian Young as El Cid Rivera, an unpredictable "epic hero" searching for the momentum he lacks in life from behind the wheel of a massive 1970s Lincoln Continental. Young embodies the frustration associated with unfulfilled expectations and one's daily search for meaning. Young, an underrated character actor, shines in a rare lead role. The other actors has bring a real sense of humor and realism to the proceedings as well. The film is an intelligent and extremely funny depiction of life at its most perplexing, and New York at its most inspiring. A must for fans of New York based films. Going Nomad is a humorous look at one man's struggle to face maturity. It takes on a lot, with metaphors to physics and religious questions. All this is done however in a very lighthearted manner, with lots of laughs, a wink, and a nod. This is given a counterpoint with the poetic musings of the 'asphalt nomads' who drive the streets at night, contemplating and trying to make sense of it all. One of my favorite scenes involves the main character (El Cid Rivera) ordering coffee in a Hispanic Bodega. He becomes the subject of teasing for not knowing Spanish in spite of his heritage. It's a subtle comment which is familiar to New Yorkers, and to any children of immigrants. The film presents many threads, which create a challenge to follow through on, but filmmaker Art Jones pulls it together and by the end of the film we feel that we have not just been along for the ride, but have experienced the journey.

Going Nomad is not only a movie, it is an invitation to join a mock-cult of asphalt nomads who roam the streets of Manhattan in search for the perfect ride. It is a true feel-good movie that cradles the viewer in its blissful combination of acting (Damian Young, of Hal Hartley fame, is brilliant) music and cinematography. Never have the streets of New York looked so inviting, never have one been so fascinated by a person who, in essence, does nothing with his life and never has driving a car seemed as mythical and spiritual as surfing. This is a true masterpice and a must for all "searchers.

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