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Release year: 2018 Review: Tariq is a teenager; he is also a refugee. Tariq is seeking asylum in the United Kingdom after escaping persecution in his birth country. With a journey that no human being should have to suffer let alone an unaccompanied fourteen-year-old, Tariq makes his way across continents, via truck, boat, train and lorry; escaping prison, suffering hunger and avoiding danger to arrive at the border of the UK and his subsequent attempt to settle in this country is his story. We witness Tariq's battle with loneliness and the authorities. We share his frustration with The Home Office as he awaits a decision as to whether he has the right to remain. Tariq hopes and prays he has found a place where he will be safe and free and can find a new home. Tariq is played by eight boys, actual young asylum seekers and refugees, some of whom await the Home Office's decision about their uncertain futures country: UK genre: Documentary Read more

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Rating - 66 Vote. 6,9 of 10 stars. country - Sweden. director - Bengt Johansen. story - Asker is always after money and everybody knows he doesn't have any scruples. He gets accused of stealing a lottery ticket from the mentally-handicapped Musse. Simultaneously he meets a man at a café named Claes Douglas who promises to pay Asker if he does a favour for him Read more

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— runtime 89 min. Year 2002. In 1974, the teenager Martha Moxley moves to the high-class area of Belle Haven, Greenwich, Connecticut. On the Mischief Night, eve of Halloween, she was murdered in the backyard of her house and her murder remained unsolved. Twenty-two years later, the writer Mark Fuhrman, who is a former LA detective that has fallen in disgrace for perjury in O.J. Simpson trial and moved to Idaho, decides to investigate the case with his partner Stephen Weeks with the purpose of writing a book. The locals squirm and do not welcome them, but with the support of the retired detective Steve Carroll that was in charge of the investigation in the 70's, they discover the criminal and a net of power and money to cover the murder. Mark Fuhrman. Audience Score 1223 Vote Read more

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— Duration 1 H 49Minute Story A group of American students traveling in Greece find themselves accidentally involved with a new type of drug--and the gang that wants it cast Yvette Jarvis ratings 2,6 / 10 Year 1985 Read more

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Creators: Lorenzo De Luca, Marco Martani

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Cruel Game is a movie starring Adam Baratta, Jennifer Tung, and Carrie Stevens. A handsome L.A. playboy juggles four gorgeous girlfriends, searches for true love, and gets involved in an elaborate con

directors Masashi Nagadoi

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Ratings=5,8 / 10 Stars. writers=Martine Pagé. Abstract=Gaby, une élève de secondaire 5 peu sociable, reçoit, de la directrice de son école, l'ordre de superviser l'intégration de Sandrine, une nouvelle venue. country=Canada. liked it=505 votes Read more

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  1. user rating=7,5 of 10
  2. Description=In a secluded mountain retreat screenwriters, Jack and Charlie work the clock to meet the deadline on their latest installment THE PERFECT ROBBERY, in which exploitation and violence are the dominant constituents. Among their trademark fictional subjects is Sally Singleton, a blond bimbo bombshell whom they have created and subsequently exploited. All goes well until bullet-ridden Sally miraculously appears at their doorstep
  3. directed by=Jano Rosebiani
  4. Genres=Comedy
  5. Country=USA
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